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2018-06-18 The Global Fashion Agenda is a leadership forum on fashion sustainability whose mission is to mobilise the global fashion system to change the way we produce, market and consume fashion. Now, a union of 93 brands and retailers aims to make the entire product life cycle of a garment, from design to use and disposal, responsible and environmentally friendly. Esprit is committed to accelerating the transition to a circular fashion system. We are taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint and to empower suppliers as well as customers to join us in this journey.
The Global Fashion Agenda outlines four action points to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system. Esprit has set targets for each of them:

  • Action point 1: Implementing design strategies for cyclability

  • By the year 2020, all Esprit product teams will complete training in circular design. Furthermore, Esprit will establish a strategic plan to increase the cyclability of its products.

  • Action point 2: Increasing the volume of used garments collected

  • By 2020, in cooperation with Packmee, Esprit will collect 50,000 kg of used clothes through an e-tail garment collection program and donate 50% of the turnover to charity.

  • Action point 3: Increasing the volume of used garments resold

  • By 2020, Esprit will increase the amount of garments resold by 40,000 kg.

  • Action point 4: Increasing the share of garments made from recycled post-consumer textile fibres

  • By 2020, Esprit will produce at least 150,000 garments with at least a 20% share of recycled fibres from used textiles.

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